Friday, January 27, 2012

Promotion: Carla's Cloud Catastrophe review

posted by Vivian Zabel 

     The following was posted in The Midwest Book Review for January, in The Picture Book Shelf section.

Carla's Cloud Catastrophe
Beth Bence Reinke, author
Ginger Nielson, illustrator
4 RV Publishing
P.O. Box 6482, Edmond, OK 73083
9780982834602, $13.99
"Carla's Cloud Catastrophe" is a tall tale about a birthday-party-crashing cloud catastrophe that challenges Carla (whose birthday party it is) to come up with an extreme solution to save the day (and her birthday party! The whimsical colored illustrations show puffs and piles of excess clouds everywhere except up in the sky where they belong. Kids age 4-8 will enjoy the ridiculousness of the cloud catastrophe and get caught up in the need for a quick solution to save the birthday cake (and party). "Carla's Cloud Catastrophe" has lots of lovely descriptive prose as well as animated, dreamy illustrations, making it fun and memorable to kids everywhere.

     Carla's Cloud Catastrophe is found in the 4RV Publishing Bookstore and is on sale.


  1. Great book! I love how it makes kids think of clever ideas to fix the problem. My boys and I really enjoyed reading this one.

  2. Rena, I'm so glad you and your boys had fun with Carla and the clouds! :o)

    I really appreciate this lovely review from MBR. Made my day!

  3. What a nice review. Congratulations, Beth and Ginger.