Monday, September 19, 2011

4RV adding to eBook list

by Vivian Zabel   

          4RV Publishing is formatting and adding books to the eBook lists as quickly as possible. Not only will the electronic books be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but also from the 4RV Bookstore. Although the available list is short at this time, we will add as quickly as titles are ready.

Children's Books by 4RV in eBook (Kindle and Nook Color)

A Wish and a Prayer                         Beth Bence Reinke (author) Ginger Nielson (illustrator)      $4.99

In My Bath                                       Beth Bence Reinke (author) Ginger Nielson (illustrator)         4.50

Lion in the Living Room                 Caelaach McKinna (author)  A.R. Stone (illustrator)                4.99

Being Jacob: Day at the Zoo           Suzy Koch (author)  Aidana WillowRaven (illustrator)           4.99

Young Adult Books 

Bubba & Giganto: Odds Against Us   Lea Schizas (author)                                                              2.99

Guardian                                              Katie Hines (author)                                                              5.50

Just Breeze                                            Beverly Stowe McClure (author)                                          5.50

Second Chance                                     Galand Nuchols (author)                                                        9.99

Prairie Dog Cowboy                             V. Gilbert Zabel (author)                                                       4.50


Aldric & Anneliese                               Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. (author)                                              5.50

Being Formatted for Release

The Art of Science                                Ransom Noble (author)

Sparrow Alone on the House Top        Jean James and Mary James (authors)

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