Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Can You Do on a Whimsical Wednesday?

What Can You Do on a Whimsical Wednesday?
by Joan Y. Edwards

What to do on a Whimsical Wednesday?
Fun! Mid-week Whimsical Wednesday?

On a whim, you can go shopping in the mall.
You don’t have to buy anything at all.

Go to the bank.
Add more money to the rank.

Go to a park and swing.
Walk a nature trail and sing.

Visit a library. Sit in a comfy chair.
Read 3 children’s books while you’re there.

Sit on your deck. Watch the birds fly to and fro.
Throw them a few bread crumbs before you go.

Take a flashlight to the attic space.
Look through toys, pictures, and lace.

Make paper airplanes in the den.
Fly them to a friend and watch them spin.

Climb up to the top of an apple tree,
Just to see what you can see.

Visit a church in town.
Turn a frown upside down.

Bake a cake.
Swim in a lake.

Snuggle close to a friend.
Pray your friendship will never end.

Thanks for reading my poem. I hope you enjoyed it. Do something fun today. It's Whimsical Wednesday. Fun is food for the writer's soul. Let life's fun experiences soak through your skin, into your writer's soul where new books begin.

Celebrate being you!

Joan Y. Edwards


  1. Thank you, Joan. I am now going to try to do ALL of these things. Except 'swim in a lake' it got too cold this week. Wonderful post!

  2. What a fun post. (Just a hint, you don't have to put a period at the end of every line, only where a sentence ends.)

  3. Dear Ginger,
    Tell me how your airplane flying goes. Did you know there are sites that tell you how to make paper airplanes? The sight of you with icicles forming on your chin is not pretty. It's a good idea you're not going to swim in a lake.
    Enjoy your day!
    Joan Y. Edwards

  4. Dear Vivian,
    I'm glad you thought my post was fun! Thank you for the compliment. Thanks for the hint about periods at the end of the lines.
    Do something fun just because it makes you laugh.

    Joan Y. Edwards

  5. Everyone needs to let loose and be silly at times.

    Linda A.

  6. I do have a book that has paper airplane parts and templates. Some are good and some are crash worthy. But, I do have an author friend who flies the real thing!

  7. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by. You're right. Everyone needs to let loose and be silly at times. Being silly and laughing is healing.
    Do something fun for you today.

    Joan Y. Edwards

  8. Dear Ginger,
    A book with paper airplane parts and templates. How cool! I love your term "crash worthy." An author who flies a real plane is great. Have you flown with him or her?
    Do something fun for you today.

    Joan Y. Edwards

  9. Fun and uplifting post, Joan. I always try to make paper airplanes for my grandsons, but they fall quickly to the floor.

    One of these days I'll have to get a book on making paper airplanes.