Friday, September 2, 2011

For the traditional artist who wants to digital ... here's an Inkling:

by Aidana WillowRaven

I have go to get one of these!

Now, I normally talk technique or style, and I strayed a bit last week going into a TweetDeck experience with another artist, but today, let's talk tools. We all know that supplies are necessary: pencils, pigments, papers, etc. But for the new 'tradigital' artist, as my fellow 4RV artist Ginger calls it, the physical supplies change a  bit. They are a lot more technical, but just as helpful and necessary to create visual interpretations to the words on a page.

One of the biggest milestones a traditional artist has to overcome when trying to transition to digital drawing is learning how to draw watching a computer screen instead of the paper. Drawing on the hard tablet can be quite foreign too, when you're used to the feel and grain of paper. Well, now there is a tool being released this month that helps with the creative transition. Check this out:

Isn't that the coolest thing you ever saw? I am trying to figure out where to manifest the extra $200 in my budget to get this, but it's definitely a fraction of what it is worth to someone who has a bit of trouble making the switch, like myself. I get frustrated that my pen tablet line is not the line I expect because it just doesn' feel the same.

I hope some of ya'll find this soon-to-be-released gadget as useful and innovative as I will. And I do plan to find a way to get it .. lol. The link in the video is a bit fast, so let me give it to you: (It conveniently lives in my 'gotta have' bookmark folder ... lol).

Art Director & VP of Operation


  1. That company should give you one for advertising for them. *grin*


  2. Lol. Oh, I doubt it seriously. There are so many artists freely telling other artists about it, why would they do anything more then let a handful know, and let Twitter take over ... lol. I'm just glad if we get a few more artists who's production times go up due to this little gadget.

  3. Dear Aidana,
    The Inkling sounds really clever, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing. Sometimes my pencil sketches aren't very dark. Using a ball point pen that puts the sketch into digital format would be awesome.

    Do something good to celebrate your resourcefulness!

    Joan Y. Edwards