Friday, August 3, 2012

Interview with author and publisher Vivian Zabel

        Vivian Zabel, award-winning author and the president of 4RV Publishing, will be one of the workshop presenters and speakers at the Alaska Writing Conference September 7 - 9. Basil Sands, Sandman Production Studios of Alaska, interviewed Vivian by phone the afternoon of August 1, in preparation of the conference.

          The question and answer period appeared more like a conversation between two writers than an interview, as the two discussed what part of the writing life was the favorite part, motivation for writing and continuing to write, the future of the publishing industry, and advice for aspiring writers. 

          The interview can be heard on any media player: Interview of Vivian Zabel by Basil Sands. Hope you enjoy the interview and that you might better know Vivian Zabel.

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  1. Vivian, that's great. I'd love to go to Alaska - one day. :) I'll listen to the interview as soon as I can.