Thursday, March 17, 2011

Harry Porter's newest rescue dog tale

When we don't have a scheduled article for the newsletter, I'll post a trailer for one of the 4RV books. Today's is for Harry (Brian) Porter's Dylan's Tale, the second in his rescue dog series. Dylan's Tale can be ordered from the 4RV Publishing Catalog.

4RV Website


  1. I really enjoyed Tilly's Tale and I'm sure I'll like Dylan's Tale, too. Just hope it doesn't make me cry. I hate animal abuse. :(

  2. Beautiful is the word for the rare bond between a rescued animal and a new owner. The photos of Dylan show just how much he enjoys his new life.
    All our dogs have been rescued from shelters or other unsafe places and each of them has shown us so much joy.

  3. Sweet puppy face!! What kid doesn't like to read a pup's "rags to riches" story? :) Even the grown-up kids ought to enjoy this one.