Saturday, March 27, 2021

Review: Why Does that Star Follow Me?


Why Does That Star Follow Me?
by Wayne Harris-Wyrick, illustrated by Andrea Gray
review by Cheryl Malandrinos


Follow along with this rhyming story about stars. Whether in the car or in a house and whether playing or resting, the child in this story sees a star that seems to follow him everywhere. Even the dog sees it... unless it's foggy.

            Why Does That Star Follow Me? by Wayne Harris-Wyrick is an adorable rhyming story full of wonder and discovery. The colorful illustrations by Andrea Gray make it cheery as the two characters go along their journey. After the fun is over, the reader is treated to all types of helpful information about stars: what they are, why they shine, and how far away they are. Readers even learn how stars follow you.

            Why Does That Star Follow Me? is entertainment and education bundled into one cute package. I look forward to reading more from Harris-Wyrick.


Wayne Harris-Wyrick's books can be found at, or from bookstores and other online stores.

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  1. I love title and cover. Congratulations, Wayne and Andrea!