Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Jodi Heaton Hurst - New Children's Book Released

      That wild prairie wind! It might blow Grandma Rose’s letters out of her hand. It might even pick up Grandma Rose and Grandpa Frank and Mollie Dog and blow them down the road! “Wa-shooh,” the wind chuckles as it plays its prairie-wind game.

      During her years of growing up in west Kansas, the author's parents often said, “This wild wind will blow you away,” which she adapted for this story. Jodi Heaton Hurt's story, illustrated by Jeanne Conway, will delight readers young and old.


          Jodi states on her blog (jodiheatonhurst.com): "Wild, Wild Wind blows you, the reader, from page to page with Grandma Rose, Grandpa Frank, and that crazy, wild wind. LOOK! It's blowing Grandma Rose down the road. Grandpa can't help Grandma. Neither can Mollie Dog or Gorby Goat. Will somebody, please, help Grandma?"

     Copies of Wild, Wild Wind can be purchased from the author contacting her on jodiheatonhurst.com/p/projects.html, by asking for the book at a local bookstore, or by ordering it from the online bookstore: 4rvpublishingcatalog.com

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  1. Looks wonderful. Congratulations, Jodi and Jeanne! Living in South Dakota, I can relate to the wild wind:)