Thursday, December 6, 2018

4RV Participates in Jingle Jam

                 Every year, the Piedmont, Oklahoma school district holds a Christmas market called Jingle Jam the first Saturday of December to raise money to help teachers with their classroom expenses. Thanks to Wayne Harris-Wyrick, our staff member with a slew of positions, 4RV is notified and has participated the past two years. This year, we were represented again December 1. Dianna Street, managing vp, Wayne, vehoae, and Kathleen Gibbs represented 4RV. Our friendly, helpful mascot, Morgan Street, also attended.

Wayne Harris-Wyrick with his books

Dianna Street behind one table

On left, Morgan Street.  Above,vehoae and Kathleen Gibbs



        Books by all 4RV authors can be found on the 4RV Bookstore,
and most are available through other online stores and brick and mortar stores. 

       Books make perfect Christmas presents, gifts that continue to keep giving.

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