Monday, July 31, 2017

4RV Author Events Successful

vehoae and Jodi

     July 29, 2017, four 4RV authors meet the public at Serendipity during Krazy Days and signed books purchased. Taking the 2 PM - 5 PM shift were vehoae and Jodi Heaton Hrust, pictured to the left. 

     The 10 AM - 2 PM shift was manned by Kathleen Gibbs and Wayne Harris-Wyrick, pictured below.

     According to the authors, most customers mentioned reading about 4RV in the Edmond paper. All were interested in our books and the fact that we were located in Edmond, .

      A few books were sold, but considering our shopletts are just now becoming known in the area, we were pleased with the outcome. 

Kathleen and Wayne

     Another author, Kena Sosa, was part of an author event in Carrollton, Texas, the same day. I haven't any photos to share, but the bookstore informed me that the event went well.

     July 15, Jodi, Wayne, and vehoae signed books and visited with customers at The Market at Quail Springs.

        The two shopletts are the two places where 4RV books can be found. We try to rotate some of our titles, giving new releases a chance to be found locally.

NOTE:        The 4RV website is being updated with a new template. Everything can still be found, but we need to do some tweaking to make everything neat and tidy. After Aidana WillowRaven and I finish, we will begin updating the 4RV Online Bookstore site.


  1. Congratulations on your successful events. I participated in my first local author fair in April with my 4RV book displayed and it was fun.

  2. Congratulations to all on successful signings. Here's to many more.