Friday, April 19, 2013

Life on Hold receives CLC seal of approval

     Life on Hold by Beverly Stowe McClure received Children's Literary Classics seal of approval. The cover image (designed by Aidana WillowRaven) above shows the seal on the cover of the young adult novel.

      The next step for Beverly's book is the awards process. Hopefully, it will win a gold or silver award and be able to wear an award seal. We'll know later this year.  

      Life on Hold is the second CLC award winner from 4RV Publishing; Walking Through Walls by Karen Coiffi was the first and received both the seal of approval and then the silver seal award.

      Both books can be found on the 4RV Bookstore, as well as through other online book stores and brick and mortar stores.



  1. How exciting. CONGRATS to Beverly and to 4RV Publishing!

  2. How wonderful. Congratulations.

  3. Well, I'm trying to catch up on emails. How do I get so far behind? This one makes my day. Thanks, Vivian, Aidana, and the wonderful 4RV editors. This award belongs to you all, for making the book what it is.

    Thank you, Susanne and Cheryl for your kind words.