Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review for Porcupine's Seeds

     From time to time, The Midwest Book Review will post a review of one of 4RV Publishing's books. The January 2013 issue of their online book review magazine "Children's Bookwatch" features Porcupine's Seeds, written by Viji K Chary and illustrated by Bridget McKinna. The review is found on the Picture Book Shelf for January.

    Reviews are not only posted on their website, and archived for five years, but they are also provided to libraries and book review indexes. Below is the review as printed on The Midwest Book Review website.

Porcupine's Seeds
Viji K. Chary, author
Bridget McKenna, illustrator
World of Inc Network
4RV Publishing LLC
P,O, Box 6482, Edmond, OK 73083
9780983801849, $14.99,

"Porcupine's Seeds" is a magical teaching story, or fable about Porcupine and his attempt to grown sunflowers from seeds. Porcupine loves to visit the garden of his friend, Raccoon. He plays in the grass, eats apricots from the tree, and listens to the fountain's water sounds. Porcupine wishes he could grow a garden, but he has a brown thumb. Raccoon gives him some sunflower seeds, telling him they just need soil, water, and sunshine to grow. Porcupine has many amusing adventures attempting to plant his seeds where they will grow just right. Finally Porcupine gives up in despair, because he dropped the pot full of planted sunflower seeds and it broke. This is where the magic comes in. As time goes by, Porcupine finds that 5 sunflower seedlings have sprouted in his garden where the pot broke. Porcupine waters the sunflowers faithfully, and one day Skunk admires Porcupine's blossoming sunflowers. Eccentric, unusual color illustrations of Porcupine and his friends and garden make the humorous narrative even more memorable. "Porcupine's Seeds" is perfect to appeal to children ages 6-9.

     Porcupine's Seeds can be found through most brick 'n mortar stores, most online bookstores, and the 4RV Bookstore.


  1. Aw, Porcupine is adorable. Congratulations on a lovely book. The cover is gorgeous. I like sunflowers. I can grow them cause they're wild around here. :)