Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Fresh Attitude Helps

As of this writing, it's Monday again, and time to start the week with a fresh attitude, and boy have I needed one! I've decided to look at my "failures" of not keeping up with emails, not posting other writer's interviews, not working on any of my WIPs, not as failures but as impetus to start new and fresh.

It can be hard not to think of oneself as a failure, especially when you've allowed yourself to moan, groan, and bitch about your writing life.

I freely participated in a downhill spiral of missed communications and depression about my books sales (or lack thereof).

But I've bolstered my flagging spirits with the good news that has surrounded me if I were only but to look: all my library visits were a great success! All six copies of my book at the local library system have been steadily checked. Yippee! Another librarian in another state is ordering six copies for her library. Another yippee! My native American tribe posted a full-page ad in the newsletter about my book.

Apart from annoying spammers that I can't seem to get rid of, my blog is going well, and I have plenty of guest bloggers to share.

Sure, I haven't worked on my books, but I have allowed myself to do some brainstorming and free association on a couple of them, so I've lots of fresh ideas and I'm anxious to get to work.

See, you can pull yourselves up by looking at the positive rather than the negative. It's working for me. What about for you?

Katie Hines is the author of “Guardian,” a middle grade urban fantasy published by 4RV Publishing, LLC.

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  1. I'd love to know your secret for getting into libraries. I've contacted a number of them but so far only one has responded.

    Enough of that...

    My WIP has suffered of late, too. But, like you, I've got ideas churning around in the grey matter for it, so it hasn't been a total failure. Now it's just a matter of incorporating these "brilliant" ideas into the bones of what I've got written.

    The library thing might not be working that well for me at the moment, but I HAVE got my books into another independent bookstore. Yay!