Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Promotion: Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts Book Festival

by Vivian Zabel

     The Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts Book Festival, organized and directed by Evonna Rains, took place May 19, 2012 at the Marland's Grand Home in Ponca City, Oklahoma. 4RV author vehoae participated, as did 4RV Publishing. Vehoae did a presentation during the festival, and Vivian Zabel was the dinner speaker.

     Due to limited space, we had to limit the 4RV titles taken. Also, we have to limit the number of boxes and weight of books taken since only two people, both elderly women, do all the loading, setting up, reloading, and unloading. However two large racks were placed on the table, filled with 4RV books. The full array of releases can be found on the 4RV Bookstore. Thirty-four titles attended the festival with us.

         Vehoae gave a talk about her book during the festival, attracting many of the attendees. Everyone thought her presentation interesting. She does very well with a subject she holds important for all of us to know, history that is often changed and hidden from modern people and students.

        She also has an attractive table wherever she takes her books, as shown in this photo taken by Vivian Zabel. 

         The location for the festival is a delight to visit, as well as being used for a book festival. I wish I had photos of the whole mansion. I've visited several times in the past, even attended a wedding there. 

         After the festival, once everyone hauled all books, signs, other items, and decorations, we adjourned to The Daily Grind for the festival dinner. There we enjoyed delicious food, company, and a speech by me, Vivian Zabel. 

       I spoke about making writing snap, how to make it interesting from the hook to all through the manuscript. Apparently, I wasn't very boring because no one fell asleep. *grin* Several people thanked me for giving information they can use. That means success to me, because I helped some writers, if not all listening.

         The next book festival for 4RV books will be the Kansas Book Festival in Topeka, Kansas, September 15. Hopefully we'll be able to take a larger selection of books. We'll try. Several 4RV members are helping us have funds for a large booth. Any one willing to attend and help?

        If 4RV authors and illustrators will send us photos and information about book signings, awards, presentations, or other promotions, I will spotlight you in a newsletter post.


  1. Dear Vivian,
    Thanks for taking as many books as you possibly could with you to the Oklahoma festival. It sounds like you gave s great and inspirational talk over dinner. It truly is good when people like Vehoae present the side of history that might be forgotten.
    Celebrate you today.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  2. What a beautiful display! Wish I lived closer to lend a hand. Can't wait to have a 4RV book!

  3. This is lovely! Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work bringing our books to these events. If I didn't live so far away, I'd eagerly help!

  4. The next book festival is the Kansas Book Festival, Topeka. IF we can scrape together the funds, we will have a double booth and have room for all our titles, IF. Maybe I can bribe grandsons to help me load the van, and maybe we can get enough help in Topeka to unload and set up and then reload my van. Without a double booth, we have to limit the number of titles we take. Without help, physical help, we may have to limit, too. We'll see.

  5. Vivian, Thank you for all the work you do to promote 4RV books. The display looks great!