Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Promotion: Book Trailer for Porcupine's Seeds

posted by Vivian Zabel 

     One of 4RV's new picture books, written by new author to 4RV Viji K. Chary and illustrated by Bridget McKenna, is Porcupine's Seeds. Aidana WillowRaven created a book trailer to go with the book.

     Porcupine's Seeds will be available in the 4RV Bookstore in two weeks, after it's released.

4RV Publishing


  1. Beautiful trailer for what looks like a beautiful book. Congrats, Viji and Bridget!

  2. I try to make the trailers fit the book's theme, illustrations and style, but the real challenge is in finding the right music, I think. It sets the mood.

  3. Aidana has been very busy finishing the design for all the books we're putting out by the middle or so of March and her freelance work and making a trailer and a trailer post card (see Saturday's post).

  4. What an adorable porcupine. Congratulations Viji. And more beautiful illustrations from Bridget.

  5. I love the Video. Porcupine is a cutie. It's going in my TBR pile!