Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Promotion: Eastern Oklahoma Author Fest 2011

by Vivian Zabel 

         October 8, 2011 found 4RV Publishing and three members with 43 titles at the Eastern Oklahoma Author Fest in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

        Due to the massive weight and hard work involved (as well as limited display area and racks), only 43 of the 60+ released books were able to make the trip.

         As people entered the Cherokee Community Building, the sign to the left is the first thing they saw. The display tables formed an L, one table to the right of the sign, one to the left, and one running at a right angle down the left side. Photos show the display racks and display areas.

        Vivian Zabel held a workshop on "Make Your Writing Snap" to help attendees have a better idea of what manuscripts need to be appealing to editors, agents, and/or publishers.  At least some people attended, even though the workshop was early in the day, soon after the doors opened to the public.

      Jacque Graham had the workshop immediately after, "How to Write Your Family Story." Again, some attended even though early in the day.

          Jim Laughter's first children's book, and first book with 4RV, made its debut at the festival. Strangers in the Stable also sold more copies than any other book available. 

          The attendance was lighter this year than at this same festival in 2010, but 4RV did much better than most of the participants.

Table running down left side

Front tables with Jacque in background

          These photos give an idea of how the 4RV Publishing tables and displays greeted the public as they toured the festival. 

          Even though many other activities competed for people Saturday, some found their way to the Eastern Oklahoma Author Festival.

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  1. Many Thanks!! All you do for 4RV is very , very much appreciated by the authors and illustrators. I do know, for one, that you made an heroic effort to attend this year in spite of circumstances that were way beyond your control. You are what is known as a true Trooper!

  2. Thank you, Ginger. Well, if I waited until everything was smooth in my life to do something, I'd never do anything. *grin*

    Hopefully there will be two more next year to add to the few festivals now available within driving distance.

    We also have Jean and Mary James representing 4RV and promoting their new release in Baltimore and Nashville. I believe they have one more, in Florida I believe.

  3. Yeah! I always love hearing 4RV does better than the competition ;D. (Is that petty?) lol

    I love how 4RV does so much more promotion that many of the other PHs do.

  4. Thanks, Vivian, for the support you give to your authors. The author fest sounds like it was a lot of work.

  5. Jim Laughter helped unload my van and set up. Then he helped reload the van. Without his help, Jacque and I would have been in trouble. Everything is still in my van. Someday I do need to unload it.

    Yes, getting ready and doing a festival is hard work, but I haven't found any other way to do the job.

  6. Vivian, thank you so much for sharing the pictures. I'm so excited you go to go and wished I could have, too.