Monday, August 15, 2011

The Live-action Book Trailer

by Jean James and Mary James

Late last night we completed the live-action trailer for 4RV novel, Sparrow Alone on the Housetop (coming out next month). Earlier, we taped about forty scenes we could possibly use for it. That was the fun part. This week we had to sort through what we’d taped, transfer it to our software, and start the arduous task of editing.

This final stage of the production took approximately 50 hours. That’s much longer than usual for this type project, but this was a more complex book that others we’ve worked with.

A special note:

Live-action video trailers follow more closely the guidelines of a movie trailer than a conventional book trailer. Standard movie trailers generally last around two minutes and twenty seconds. They use about one hundred words per minute, either as dialog, or as a combination of printed words and dialog. We stayed as close as possible to those times and word counts.

Or this link:

These type trailers are being used more and more frequently by publishers, especially to attract younger readers.

Jean James

Mary James