Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Monday blues: Head in the Clouds syndrome: Tuesday Trivia: Wednesday Woes

They are all related in a way, those categories.  There are most likely several more you could add. They approach each other in varying degrees until they mesh and you and get on with your day of, writing, painting, wringing of your hands, and trying not to focus on things left undone.

One of the great mysteries of life is simply life itself. How do we fit into one lifetime all the things we know we want to do, the things we think we can do and the things
we are desperate to try but have not the energy, physical strength or time to attempt. What happens to the things we HAVE done but have become such faded memories that they fade slowly and inevitably into the past.

There is a secret here that is really no secret at all.  WRITE!  SKETCH!

You may not be planning the next great novel.   You may not be appearing on the Today Show with a silver or gold sticker on your newest book.  You may not be signing endless copies of your most recently published work.   On some level, however, you have it in you to create something wonderful from your writing.

Keep a journal. Write in it every day.  Sketching is a plus.  Then go back and read what you have written in a year or two or even the next week.  Sometimes you can surprise yourself. At times you will find wisdom for the days ahead in what lies in your past.
If for no other reason, your journal can revive some memories that would be lost forever if they were not documented.

If you are a writer or an aspiring writer, this journal of your thoughts, fears, ambitions and creative ideas will serve you well in your future endeavors.

Artists keep their sketch books.  These are another kind of journal of the everyday and the sometimes unique images that generate new ideas from older ones.

Every note, every sketch has value.  Not only is it part of you as a writer or an artist, but it is a valuable tool in your future. 


  1. Ginger, you share such helpful advice, helpful to artists and writers. Thanks.


  2. Love your wisdom and perspective on life, Ginger. I guess an artist's journal is like a visual history of images and ideas she felt were worth creating and capturing. Very cool!

  3. It is true. I still have my journal from a trip to Alaska. I am so glad I have it too. Much of it is written and some of it is hilarious! Great stuff for a future book *:)

  4. Like this. Especially comment how do we fit into one lifetime all the things we know we want to do.

  5. I love the post. I totally relate from the art perspective. I have so many old sketches laying around ... lol.