Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks, Even in Times of Sorrow

     Today, most Americans from the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Some are living or visiting out of the country, some live here, but wherever we are, we have much for which to give thanks.

     For many, this season has shadows of sorrow because loved ones have passed on to, hopefully, a better place. For us who have suffered the grief of loss, we had to learn how to be thankful even in times of sorrow. Easy? No, but we can still smile and feel a peace even if left in grief.

     Our world and nation suffer from trouble and tribulations, but if we try, we can still be thankful for what we do have: loved ones, freedom, hope, friends, a roof over a heads (hopefully), and life. We may have to struggle to find anything for which to be thankful in our nation's time of sorrow. We may have to "dig deep" to be thankful. However, when suffering or in pain, we need to thank God for what good we do have and what we will have. We can be thankful, if for no other reason, for memories of what was and for hope for what can be.

     Today, I hope everyone can give thanks with a grateful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving from 4RV Publishing


  1. Well put, Vivian. Hope you and your family and everyone else has a healthy, peaceful, and thankful thanksgiving.

  2. Dear Vivian,
    This is a wonderful reason for all of us to be thankful. Thank you for all you do to help writers and illustrators.