Saturday, July 22, 2017

5 4RV Authors Have Signings in 2 Events July 29

      4RV Publishing's second Meet the Authors in July will be July 29 at Serendipity Market, Edmond. As part of Edmond, Oklahoma's annual Krazy Days, the book signing is one of the events and special happenings at Serendipity. The four authors participating include Jodi Heaton Hurst with her Christmas Children's book, Merry Tilda: A Winter Fairy Tale, illustrated by Jeanne Conway.

      Wayne Harris-Wyrick will have three of his releases: If You Swallow that Seed ... illustrated by Matthew Hughes; Why Am I Me illustrated by Stephen Macquignon;  and Kimmy Finds Her Key illustrated by Liz Warren . The author who writes under the name vehoae will be signing her nonfiction book that many colleges have on reading lists, Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia, which examines the treatment of indiginous peoples of North American from European leaders to the beginning of the United States. Finally, Kathleen Gibbs will autorgraph her novel Journey of the Cheyenne Warrior

      Other pre-signed books will also be available during the hours the authors will be: 10 AM - 2 PM.

      Kena Sosa will be part of the Kids' Book Day at Kinodunitya Bookstore, Carorrollton, Texas. 

     Kena has two books released by 4RV: Kindertransport, cover shown in the upper left corner, illustrated by Jeanne Conway; and Rey Antonio and Rey Feo, a English/Spanish bilingual book, illustrated by Jessica McClure.

     Hopefully, many people will take advantage of a chance to meet and visit wth these authors, and examine their books at both events and other 4RV books at the Serendipity Market in Edmond, Oklahoma.

     4RV books can be found through most online bookstores and physical bookstores. The publisher also has an online bookstore. Books by these authors and the other nearly 100 authors can be found there,

Saturday, July 15, 2017

One July 4RV Meet the Authors Down, One to Go


     Since 4RV Publishing has a shop-lett at The Market at Quail Springs, three authors attended the first Meet the Author event July 15, 2017: Jodi Heaton Hurst, the author of Merry Tilda: A Winter Fairy Tale; Wayne Harris-Wyrick, author of Why Am I Me?, Kimmy Finds Her Key, If You Swallow that Seed ..., and others; and vehoae, author of Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia and a fiction novel to bed released in 2018. 

Jodi Heaton Hurst signed the book for her first customer
     The 4RV Shop-lett (the display of books at The Market) is located right outside the area where The Market set up the table for the book
signing. The hosts were friendly, helpful, and welcomed us to return. 

     The Market at Quail Springs is located west of Quail Springs Mall in north Oklahoma City.

     Considering the lack of extensive promotion, the authors enjoyed the number of people who came by and visited. 

     The second Meet the Author event for July will  be held at Serendipity Market, 917 E Danforth Rd, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034.  Four authors will be participating at that event: the three who took part in Meet the Author at The Market plus Kathleen Gibbs, the author of Journey of the Cheyenne Warrior.  Other books signed by authors not able to attend will also be available.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

New Christmas Childen's Release - Merry Tilda: A Winter Fairy Tale

     4RV Publishing tries to release a Christmas book each year. Even if more than one is pubished, one is considered the "official" Christmas release. This year's "official" Christmas Children's Book, Merry Tilda: A Winter Fairy Tale, arrived to begin the before-Christmas-shopping. 

      Author Jodi Heaton Hurst took a short story she wrote for a writing group project and changed it into a delightful children's story that shows how a family tradition can come to pass. Illustrator Jeanne Conway used her art to bring Jodi's words to life. The story and illustrations blend to create a literary work of art.

      Books can be purchased from the 4RV Bookstore, at the 4RV Shop-letts, from Jodi Heaton Hurst, and from other online or physical bookstores.

      Jodi Heaton Hurst will be participating in two group book signings at the 4RV Shop-letts, July 15 and July 29.