Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Children's Books Week a Week Late

by Vivian Zabel

by Ginger Nielson by permission
     I didn't realize last week was children's book week until I saw these adorable images by Ginger Nielson on Facebook. I asked if I could use them, and she gave me permission. Since our schedule for last week was filled, except for one day, I decided we would celebrate children's book week a week later so we could share for a longer period of time.

    We have so many excellent children's books that I'll cover Tween and Teen (middle grade and young, young adults) another time. For this article, let's look at as many of the picture books from 4RV Publishing as we can (even if I have to use smaller sized fonts for the text). I'll go in alphabetical order by titles, adding other titles by the same author in the same paragraph.

A Christmas Kindness by C.C. Gevry and illustrated by Caroline Mabey.

A Dinner Date for Dilly, A New Friend for Dilly, A New Job for Dilly, and more to come in the series by Rena Jones and now illustrated by Ginger Nielson. Also, Lemur Troops & Critter GroupsStork Musters & Critter Clusters, Pony Strings & Critter Things, and Rhino Crashes & Critter Classes by Rena Jones and now illustrated by Ginger Nielson. The Mashmallow Man by Rena Jones and illustrated by Stephen Macquignon.

A Puppy, Not a Guppy by Holly Jahangiri and illustrated by Ryan Shaw, and Trockle (4RV's first children's book) by Holly, illustrated by Jordan Vinyard.

A Wish and a Prayer, In My Bath, and Carla's Cloud Catastrophe by  Beth Bence Reinke and illustrated by Ginger Nielson.

Alistair the Alligator by Harry Porter (aka Brian Porter) and illustrated by Amanda Sorensen, Tilly's Tale and Dylan's Tale by Harry/Brian, illustrated by Mandy Hedrick.

Angeline Jellybean by  Chrystalee Calderwood and illustrated by Stephen Macquignon.

by Ginger Nielson, with permission
 Bait for Lunch by  K.A. Okagaki and illustrated by Ryan 

  Being Jacob: A Day at the Zoo and Being Jacob: First
 Day of Sc
hool by Suzy Koch and illustrated by Aidana

 Boo's Bad Day by Penny Lockwood and illustrated by
 Deborah C. Johnson.

 Ferdinand Frog's Flight by Marvin Mayer and illustrated 
 by Stephen Macquignon.

 Gunther the Underwater Elephant and Willow, an
Tale written and illustrated by Ginger

 If Fish Could Drive by  Dana Warren and illustrated by
 Stephen Macquignon.

 If Wishes Were Fishes by N.A. Sharpe and illustrated by
 Ginger Nielson.

Libby the Odd Squirrel by Lea Schizas and illustrated by Stephen Macquignon.

Lion in the Living Room by Caelaach McKinna and illustrated by A.R. Stone. Little Charlie Thornpaws by Caelaach and illustrated by Ginger Nielson.

My Cat by Tony LoPresti and illustrated by Deborah C. Johnson.

Priscilla Holmes: Ace Detective and Priscilla Holmes and the Case of the Glass Slipper by John Lance and illustrated by Diana Navarro. More to come in the series when an illustrator can be found. 

Porcupine's Seeds by Viji Chary and illustrated by Bridget McKenna.

Sammy the Shivering Snowblower by Mike McNair and illustrated by Ginger Nielson.

Spider in Our Mailbox by Linda Asato and illustrated by Ryan Shaw

Strangers in the Stable by Jim Laughter and illustrated by Aidana WillowRaven.

The First Miracle by L.A. Willis and illustrated by Aidana WillowRaven.

Tumbleweed Christmas by Beverly Stowe McClure and illustrated by Bridget McKenna

Why Am I Me? by Wayne Harris-Wyrick and illustrated by Stephen Macquignon

Coming soon:

The Worse Case of Pasketti-itis by Kristine Asselin and illustrated by Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki.

Kimmey Finds Her Key by Wayne Harris-Wyrick

I Like Pink by Vivian Zabel and illustrated by Ginger Nielson

Plus 14 other picture books on the 2013 schedule

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     All 4RV books can be found on the 4RV Bookstore.




  1. Wow! What great books! Thanks for posting the names of all of these wonderful books.

    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  2. You put out some super children's books, Vivian. Good list.

  3. I agree with Joan, 4RV has a great list of children's book!