Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Manners for Interviews and Reviews

by Vivian Zabel   

      Your book is out, finally. You're excited and full of expectations. People want to interview you and to review your book. Often you are asked for a summary of your book for interviews and/or reviews. You sit down and write answers to questions for interviews. You write a summary of your book. You're prepared to "face" the world to promote your baby, finally delivered after such a long wait. But, what should you include or not include in an interview or summary?

          First, in a summary, never give away the whole plot. Give a blurb such as found on the back of a book, maybe add a few more details, but not much more. You want people to read your book. Therefore you want to tease them with enough to cause them to want to know more, for them to want to read your book. Only in a synopsis for an agent or a publisher/editor do you want to give the whole condensed story.

          Now about interviews, you always need to include a link or links where your book can be purchased. For example, 4RV books can be found on their bookstore site (, from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and through brick 'n mortar stores.

          Your publisher probably promotes you and your book, so you need to be sure to mention the company in return. Most people, when they see a book promoted and no publisher given, think the book is self-published. If you're not self-published, why would you want people to think you are? If you are self-published, you don't need to mention that unless you want to do so. By giving information, at the least the name of your publisher, you are also thanking the people involved for taking a chance on you and your work.

          It never hurts to give credit to people who helped you reach your goal. Did you have an exceptional editor? Let readers of your interview and/or review know. Did an artist give you an outstanding cover or illustrations or both? Share the information. A bit of recognition makes most people happier.  

          None of us have a nearly perfect book without the help of others.

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  1. Thanks, Susanne. I try to share what I've learned about writing and publishing to help writers out there.