Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Few Tips for Writers

by Vivian Zabel

     I'm a fan of writing magazines: The Writer, Writer's Digest, and a few others. I find suggestions that help me as a writer, and some times, I find things to ignore. The recent issue of Writer's Digest had many tips, good ones worth sharing. I'll give a brief, partial list of tips all writers many find helpful.

  • Unique shouldn't be modified with very, more, rather, or so. Unique stands alone.

  • A message I repeat over and over: Avoid multiple exclamation points, and I add, "Use only in dialogue and then seldom."
  • Know the difference between their, there, and they're. Their means belonging to them. There is a place, as is here. They're means they are.
  • Writers should have professional quality as their goal, not perfection.
  • Don't write about anything you don't care about.
  • Fiction will be smoother if the simple replaces the complicated.
  • Give your writing time to rest between revisions.
  • Use very and rather seldom, if at all. Don't be lazy, find a precise word.
     Hope those few suggestions help you be a better writer. To discover more tips try reading writing magazines in print or online.

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