Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday -- 4RV

          Today is Small Business Saturday and an opportunity to help small businesses stay in business. Just one purchase can make a difference. Imagine what would happen to 4RV Publishing, for example, if everyone would order one book. Yes, a big difference indeed, one purchase at a time.

          Please spread the word about sales offered today by small businesses, also by 4RV Publishing. All sale prices for books include shipping in the United States. Anyone wishing to order from outside the U.S. can inquire by email, and information will be sent.

          One suggestion, though, if ordering books from 4RV, try to order no later than December 5 to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

          Please join us today to help keep small businesses going. Remember, just one purchase can make a difference. 

4RV Bookstore   



  1. I have a book I want to order next week. :)

  2. Good. Now if we could get others visiting and purchasing, huh?

  3. I did, I did!! :) I bought books from 4RV, went to a local Thai place for lunch on Saturday, went out to lunch today on American Express's dime... I'm trying to do my part!