Saturday, February 20, 2021

Review: If You Swallow That Seed ...


If You Swallow That Seed

Written by Wayne Harris-Wyrick Illustrated by Matthew Hughes Published by 4RV Publishing, 2015

Review By Kena Sosa


Parents say the weirdest things. In the case of the story, If You Swallow That Seed, a mother’s words literally sprout into action. The main character is shocked to find carrots growing out of his ears after swallowing a seed just as his mother warned him. He puts the carrots to good use feeding horses, but before he can overcome his problem, his mother has even more wacky comments to say and they all come true!


The boy shows determination time and time again, finding solutions to the weirdness until it gets out of hand. Matthew Hughes’ illustrations are full of texture, adding dimension and additional flavor to the story, especially in the cover illustration where we see the boy and his horses enjoying their role in the adventure.


Kids will get a kick out of this story and connect with it as they’ve been confused by their own parent’s idioms and sayings. A story that feels straight out of the childhood of the author, Wayne Harris-Wyrick, this book takes it further than just one metaphor. Swallowing the first seed is only the beginning of the adventure of what happens when words are taken literally. It is packed with excitement, fun and a great segway into the silly and savvy world of idioms and sayings.


Copies of If You Swallow That Seed … can be ordered from the 4RV Bookstore  or from other online and physical stores.

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  1. Sounds like a very fun story for kids. Congratulations, Wayne and Matthew.