Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Character Interviews and Questionnaires

We recently discussed that good writing requires engaging characters. In order to create strong, dynamic, realistic, and relatable characters, we must know them in and out. They must become as real to us as our own family members.

So, how do we do that?

One way is to complete character interviews and questionnaires. From physical descriptions to likes

and dislikes, from hobbies to memories, and from pets peeves to quirks, spending time with your characters in such a meaningful way will create the rich, deep, and complex characters readers enjoy.

If you look online, you will find a variety of character interviews and questionnaires from well-known sources.

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire from The Novel Factory

Gotham Character Questionnaire

The Official NaNoWriMo Character Questionnaire

Writer's Digest Novel Writing: 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Characters

No matter where you start --plot, setting, or character-- taking the time to get to know your characters will build depth and texture into your story.

Cheryl C. Malandrinos is a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of Little Shepherd, A Christmas Kindness, Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving, and Amos Faces His Bully. A blogger and book reviewer, she lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two daughters. She also has a son who is married. Visit Cheryl online at and her children’s book blog at


  1. Dear Cheryl,
    This is a delightful article. Love the information and the cute character images!

    Never Give Up


  2. Great advice, Cheryl. Creating characters is one of my favorite things to do. It's such fun to see what they're like. Sometimes they're surprising.

  3. Thanks, Joan. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Good information, Cheryl. When I'm working on a story or novel, I have a file card for each character. I have a physical description, occupation, interests, relationships, etc. I may never use everything from the card, but what I have makes that character come to life for me, which shows in my writing. Plus, those cards help me keep names straight.