Monday, September 25, 2017

Last Real Cowboy by Kathleen Gibbs

    Kathleen Gibbs new 4RV release Last Real Cowboy is garnering attention from historical societies and museums. 

     In 1871, Jonathan Calhoun lives an unfulfilled life working for his father’s magazine company in New York City and attending pretentious social events with his fiancée . Longing for one thrilling adventure in his life before he settles down, he jumps at the job opportunity at the Cripple Creek Cattle Ranch in Armadillo Flats, Texas. He soon realizes this venture might be more than he expected as he changes from an “Easterner” into a real cowboy.

     Gibbs has a flare for taking the reader with her back in time to the period and lives found in her books. 

      One reader sent the following comments about Last Real Cowboy

Comments from Milton Smith Sept. 2017

I finished your book. I am still feeling the emotion from it hours later. I appreciate the honor and respect you gave the cowboy and the feel for the hard job they do. Your book is one that I believe people will enjoy reading the second time. I believe others will appreciate your work, your story and the history that goes with it.
I never felt like this book was written by a woman, per se. I sensed that you understood the cowboys and let them be themselves.

           from Milton Smith, former wheat harvester, former president of Wordwrights ,OKC. and current playwright enthusiast.

       Copies of Last Real Cowboy can be ordered from Kathleen's page on the 4RV Bookstore,  brick and mortar bookstores, and other online bookstores such as Amazon. 

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