Saturday, June 17, 2017

4RV Offers its books for sale in 2 shop-letts

        4RV Publishing of Edmond, OK, first opened a shop-ett at The Market at Quail Springs, named 4RV  Shop-lett @ The Maket. The area, called an aisle cap, holds a limited number of books.  The 4RV Shop-lett @ The Market is located west of Quail Springs Mall in north west Oklahoma City.  Directions are at the bottom of the poster. Briefly,
take Memorial to May Avenue. Go north on May to NW 138, turn east to Joel McDonald Dr. Drive north to The Market, a boutique market.

      Planned activities include author book signings, special sales, and different titles available as books are rotated.

     In June, 2017, 4RV opened its second shop-lett at the Serendipity Market located in Edmond, Oklahoma:
4RV Shop-lett @ Serendipity.  The books are located in a small room/booth which allows over 40 titles to be on display. Serendipity Market is located at 917 E. Danforth, just a short distant east of Boulevard and several blocks west of Bryant. 

     Activities planned for 4RV Shop-lett @ Serendipity include author book signings, special sales, and the display of new releases.

    4RV books are seldom found in stores, so we decided to try direct sales other than from the 4RV online bookstore.  Therefore, readers have two places to find many of the quality books offered.

     We have books for everyone, written by some of the best authors to be found. Children's books are illustrated by a variety of artists who make the books come alive. We have books for children, tweens, teens, young adults, fiction, and nonfiction. 

      Information about our company and guidelines for submissions are on the 4RV website.
     Please visit, examine our books, touch them, admire them, and purchase the ones you most like. 

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