Sunday, March 6, 2016

Introducing new 4RV children's book - Concepcion's New Look

     Concepcion's New Look, by Rebecca O. Hayes and illustrated by Jessica McClure, will be officially released March 15, but it can be pre-ordered from the 4RV Bookstore starting March 8. 

     Now, a bit about a young girl who has trouble seeing and reading:

     Concepción loves TV, but she has to sit close to see the screen. She holds her books close to her face to read. Her teacher seats her in the front row to copy her spelling words from the blackboard.
When she gets a chance to look through her Papa’s glasses, she  decides that must be the answer. She wants to get glasses so she can see better.

     But first her eyes need to be tested, a new experience to be faced.


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