Friday, February 27, 2015

Check out Experiment 38
by Charles T. Suddeth
new from 4RV Publishing

and read this review by Deb Hockenberry:

Eighteen – year – old Emily has a job and a boyfriend for the first time in her life. She’s never been allowed to go anywhere in her life, except to school and back. Why?

When Nate takes her to the movies, a green SUV follows them. The two occupants even follow them in. When they go to the amusement park, there’s the SUV. This time it’s two occupants stalk them through the park. Even through the tunnel of love. Who are these men and what do they want? Emily has nick – named them Igor and Weasel. She also has weird flashbacks of these two goons when she was little. The SUV will not leave them alone and Emily and Nate’s lives are even threatened. Not to mention the lives of Nate’s friends.

They try hard to escape the SUV and find that Nate’s car has been bugged with a GPS. This results in a high speed chase through the mountains of North Carolina, a kidnapping, and an attempted murder or two.

Emily’s mother has died when she was little. Or did she? And what of her father? Why is he letting all this happen? Is he really her father?

Your new adult will just love this action packed thriller in your home library. As soon as one of questions is answered, another arises.

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Deb Hockenberry

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  1. Experiment 38 is romance, mystery, suspense all mixed with a bit of science fiction. The combination makes a good read.

  2. Deb and Vivian, thanks for the great post for my novel! My girlfriend read your review, so I had to sign her copy.

  3. Nice review, Deb. Charles, your books sounds great. Wish you well with it.

    1. Thanks, Janet. And I agree, Deb's review was thorough and professional.