Friday, August 22, 2014

Using Pinterest for character development

Using Pinterest for Character Development

When I write, I see the scenes unrolling as a movie in my head, with the characters moving and talking. If I can't picture something, I can't write it, to the point where I have to lay out the rooms, where the furniture is, the color of the rugs. Never mind that only a tiny fraction of this ends up in the novel. If I can't see my characters getting up from the dining table and marching the dirty dishes into the kitchen, I can't write it.

I started using Pinterest when working on a sci fi novel. I'd finally decided on the point-of-view characters, and, in an attempt to wrap my mind around them, went in search of visuals. This was my first multi-pov novel, and I was about to start the third major rewrite. I needed to get the four characters in the romance clear enough to hear their voices, see them move, and be able to work out the revision.

I started several Pinterest boards. The first was for clothing for the one female in the four-way romance. The previous versions of the novel had paid little attention to this character, and I needed to flesh her out. I found a website and searched for the tunics and pants to clothe her.  She ended up with elegant, flowing, fabrics in soft, glowing colors, and her voice came clear.

I still craved more images, so I started another board for actors I could cast to play my characters. After some searching, I settled on the actors I wanted.

I also started a board for images of the planet, many of them generated by me using GIMP, a freeware program something like photoshop.
Some people fill out character sheets. Me, I give my characters personality tests, find photos and clothing to bring them to life.


  1. When I wrote A Shadow in the Past, I had to design the rooms of Weetshill mansion in order to see the interior in my mind's eye. Only ever seeing the outside shell of the building I used, I was able to create the layout of the entire house. I did a lot of antique shopping online and got loads of pictures of furniture, dishes, fireplaces, cutlery, glassware... the list goes on and then I put the pieces into the individual rooms. It was time consuming but a lot of fun and I think it helped bring the mansion to life.

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