Friday, June 8, 2012

Announcement: 4RV now has domain

by Vivian Zabel   

     After nearly five years, yes, five, we finally have the right to the domain I don't know how long I'll need to get the company website moved over, organized, and improved -- I'm still a bit technologically challenged. In time, though, we'll have even a better website. Any suggestions?

     IF authors, illustrators, editors, and other staff members will help, we will have sections in the new web site to highlight everyone. IF. I know I can't do it all by myself. Hopefully people will send me nice layouts with photos I can copy and paste. (hint, hint, hint)

     Also, any suggestions as to how we can keep from losing the people who keep looking for after we're open for business on the new website?

     The new website will be through Yola, not Yahoo. I think the change will be for the better --- hope, hope, hope.



  1. WOW! Congratulations. I'd love to help, but I don't know Yola. I could have helped if you used Wordpress.

    You can redirect your blogspot traffic to the new url when you're ready. On Wordpress I think there's a section where you can do this. I don't know about Yola.

    There's also another way to redirect traffic. I've been meaning to learn it, but haven't yet.

    I've been attending webinars on landing page optimization and the main points are to have it clean, easy to navigate, and any call-to-actions on top, easily visible.

    I think I'll do an article on this topic.

    If you need my help, I'll be happy to edit your pages.

  2. Oh, one more thing, should also send out press releases about this.

  3. Thanks, Karen. I'll be sending out press releases and more publicity WHEN I have the new website finished and am ready to send all traffic from old one to new one.

    Please do stop by and check on pages on new site. I don't want any typos or boo-boos.

  4. Great news. I'm excited about seeing the updated site. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I'm a little tech-challenged at times also, but I can try.

  5. I will be happy to send you anything you need if you can do the cut and paste to the YOLA site.

  6. I hope to have 1/2 page for each author, each illustrator, and maybe each editor/staff member. Of course we have some who are multi-listed, like you, so maybe I just need to put people in alphabetical order by last names and list their "jobs" with 4RV.

    I would need each person's photo, website and blog URLs, and a brief bio and what he/she does for 4RV. Authors, of course, could list their 4RV book(s).

  7. Let us know when you are ready for the flood *:) Perhaps you already have a digital file cabinet. That could help sort things out.

  8. People are already sending their information. I just wish some could read. I wanted everything emailed to me, the written info in a word doc and the photo in a jpg attachment, not posted on the bulletin board.

    I'm filing everything in a folder until I'm ready to create the pages.

  9. I'm technology challenged too, so not sure how helpful I'll be. I like the different sections idea: staff, authors, illustrators. It might be good to place multi-listed people on each page that is appropriate, but with slightly different bios that highlight their roles in that section.