Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 Reasons to Love Ebooks - and Print Books

5 Reasons why I Love Ebooks (and print books, too!)
by Stephanie Burkhart

I bought my first ebook reader on 25 DEC 2009. It was a Kindle 2 and I loved how thin it was – that and the fact it could hold a ton of books, freeing up some of the space on my print book shelf. I can remember back in 2007, ebooks were gaining steam and since 2009 ebook readers have made great advances. The Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Color Nook, and iPad are all in color now allowing the reader to purchase magazines and save their favorite children's books on the reader.

I still have my Kindle 2 because I love the text to speech feature. I can listen to books in the car, but I love the versatility and color feature of the Kindle Fire. Not only that, most ebooks are very affordable.

I still love my print books, too. There's something about holding a book in your hand that brings you just that much closer to the story. Today, I thought I'd list my top 5 reasons for why I love ebooks and print books. Feel free to share your thoughts.

1. Ebooks readers are thin and convenient. I put my Kindle in my purse and whip it out whenever I find myself in a line.
2. Most ebook readers are affordable. Sony, B&N, and Kindle all have models under $100.00.
3. My Kindle has text to speech. I get to read my book on the way to work and going home.
4. Ebooks are generally priced lower and are more affordable.
5. Ebook readers hold a lot of books, freeing up shelf space.

The following books are available from 4RV as ebooks:

Aldric and Annaliese,
If Wishes were Fishes
A Wish and A Prayer
In My Bath
Lion in the Living Room
Prairie Dog Cowboy
Just Breeze

5 Reasons why I love print books:

1. There's nothing like holding a print book in your hand. It's an indefinable feeling that warms the soul.
2. I collect all my favorite authors in print. These are books that I'll cherish so I want a print copy.
3. You can have print books autographed.
4. I can underline and mark up my book all I want.
5. Print books make nice gifts.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on ebooks. Do you have a reader? If so, which one? What features do you like about it? Do you have your children's books on your reader? Why do you like print books?

Author Bio: Wanting a great adventure when she was 18, Stephanie Burkhart joined the US Army. After Basic and AIT, she shipped off to Germany. 25 years later, she's settled down in Castaic, CA and works for LAPD. She's married with 2 young sons. Her books with 4RV Publishing include: The Giving Meadow and First Flag of New Hampshire.


  1. Good morning, Steph--I knew you had a children's book with 4RV, but I didn't know about this blog.
    I agree with everything you said--everything. I think we agree that ebooks are here to stay--but in my opinion, they need more visual creativity to be 100% good. The Kindle Fire helps on that idea, because of the color. I'm so visul. And that's what I still adore print books. I can flip back to find page so-and-so without trying to figure out the "location." Ugh...hate that about ebooks. When I read a print, I go back to the blurb, look at the cover, etc. numerous times--just because I like color and want to see those time and again. That's what is missing from an ebook--which doesn't bother many people.
    My goal is to get all my full length novels in print, and right now that includes all my publishers except one. Still looking for a way.
    Thanks for your ideas. I enjoyed reading.

  2. I have a Kindle Fire, a gift for my 50th anniversary (my husband received a replacement wedding band). I have a large number of eBooks on it already, however, I still prefer print books. The convenience of the e-reader is the one reason I like it. I slip it in my purse, as Steph says she does.

    One problem with eBooks is so many are poorly edited, formatted, or have other distracting problems. Of course print books are becoming poorer in quality from many publishers, but 4RV really wants only high quality books whether eBook or print.

  3. Celia, thank you for popping in. I do the same with my print books, I flip back and forth, study the blurb, take in the color. And I do think the Kindle Fire is an affordable color ebook reader. I understand the Nook is, too. Anyhow, it's that process of enjoying a print book that will keep around for a long time.

    Vivian, I agree - there are some ebooks out there which are poorly edited, however, I've seen a few poorly formated, which is equally annoying. As with anything, I think you've got to be a very disconcerning about how you spend your money.


  4. Stephanie, I love my Kindle also. It's so much more convenient. But, I do still love print books, especially when studying something. I one of those readers who mark up the book. :)

    I didn't know Kindle offered text to speech - I'll have to look into that and see if my version has it.