Friday, April 23, 2021

Review: Borrowed Time


Borrowed Time
by Rita Durrett

Review by Sharon Worthey


Borrowed Time was a fun journey back to 1969 where high school junior Sabrina finds herself trying to figure out exactly who she is and why she can’t remember anything about her life or how, covered in bruises, she ended up in a town. Only Bobby seems familiar - except he belongs to Jill, and she isn’t sharing. Bobby might have a mind of his own, however.

            Back home in the present, her boyfriend, Camden, and her parents are desperate to help her recover from the car accident that sent her back in time, but doctors warn that she may never awaken from the coma. As Sabrina’s body heals in the present, her 1969 self falls in love with Bobby while her friends help her adjust to a life before the moon landing or AC in classrooms.  
            Will Sabrina’s growing love for Bobby trigger her memories of Camden? Of course, being in love with two men at the same time creates its own dilemma. If she is able to one day return to her own time, will she even want to return? And if she should stay with Bobby, does that mean she remains in the coma forever? You’ll need to read this book to find out. As with all good books – watch for a lovely twist at the end.


            Borrowed Time can be found on, through bookstores, or from other online stores.

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