Friday, May 25, 2012

Promotion: Book Trailer for Trockle

posted by Vivian Zabel  

            Once upon a time, about four and a half years ago, a young boy named Stephen and a little monster named Trockle became the first to join the 4RV family of children's books. Written by Holly Jahangiri for her son who "knew" a monster was under his bed, the story hid in a drawer for a few years before I begged the author to allow me to have it for the company. Jordan Vinyard agreed to illustrate the story, and a book to delight children from two to one hundred two was born. After all, not everyone knew that not only was the boy on the bed afraid of the monster under the bed, but the little monster under the bed was afraid of the big monster on the bed.

          Aidana WillowRaven added her "magic" to the promotional illustrations and created a trailer to show off this story that makes us all feel safer about going to bed in the dark.


          Trockle can be found through the 4RV Bookstore.



  1. It's beautifully illustrated. We need to contact Jordan about illustrating more books :D.

  2. Great illustrations and trailer!

  3. Jordan has not replied to emails for over a year. She might not want to return to illustrating since her career has taken a different path. *sigh* She is good.