Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Promotion: Book Trailer for My Cat

posted by Vivian Zabel

     A new release by 4RV Publishing is the children's book My Cat, written by new author Tony LoPresti and illustrated by first time 4RV illustrator Deborah C. Johnson.

     Designer Aidana WillowRaven took the cover, the three illustrations chosen for public appearance, and created an adorable book trailer to match the writing and illustrations.

     A kitten makes a good pet, if the owner knows how to care for it. In the book, Miranda shares her knowledge with other children who might want a cat for a pet.

     The books can be purchased through the 4RV Bookstore, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other brick and mortar stores.

     Let's watch the My Cat trailer together:


  1. Looks like a really cute book. I like the illustrations.

  2. Deb did such a good job. This may be her first project for 4RV, but it's not going to be her last. In fact, she's working on the illustrations for another book about a cat, Boo's Bad Day.

    Tony's "how to do it" text is good for kids, and Deb's art work made it fun.

  3. Beautiful work by Deb and Tony! I love Deb's work and am so glad she will be a part of 4RV Publishing LLC.

  4. This book is a great addition to the 4RV catalog, and Deb is a great addition to the art department, too.