Thursday, October 6, 2011

Promotion: How Do You Present Your Book?

by Vivian Zabel  

          When you submit a press release, are interviewed, or blog about your book or books, do you present yourself as self-published, as published through an independent publisher (one who charges authors), or as published through a traditional publisher? Wording can make a difference in how readers or listeners perceive the source of your publication.

           Often newspapers change the way the author (agent or publisher) present material and omit the publisher if there is one. Therefore, we need to be sure that information is given in different places and ways so that readers know a publisher is involved. If one is self-published or not, even if not stated, the lack of the name of a publisher makes it appear that the book being promoted is self-published.

          If the article, blog post, or interview states "Mercy Jones published Shame, Shame," the inference is Mercy Jones self-published the book. If the only link is to the author's website or the only places listed for the book to be purchased is the author's website and/or Amazon, the reader will assume the book is self-published.

          Yes, more and more people are self-publishing, which is the topic of a completely different article. However, if a person used a publisher, and the publisher has taken a risk of preparing and printing the book, then it's only good manners and another promotional tool to give credit to the publisher.

          How do you present your book? Do you present it as a professionally published book? Do you present it as self-published when it's not? Do you present it as a product that you and only you produced? Do you present it in a way to show that it and you are professional? Do you promote it, and yourself, with credit to those who helped make the book possible? Do you share that the book can be purchased through bookstores (if it can be), as well as through your website and Amazon?

          Give you and your book every opportunity to attract readers by allowing them to know more about your book. Present it well.

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  1. Very good point, Vivian, and one to remember. The publisher's name should accompany every book promotion as well as the author and the sometimes forgotten illustrator *:)

  2. I totally agree. I've seen some authors act like no one else had any input on the book. To me, it's insulting to those that help support it.