Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Review: Louie Finds A Friend by Vivian Zabel


Louie Finds A Friend (A Louie the Duck Story)
by Vivian Zabel, illustrated by Jeanne Conway
Review by Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Louie is back with another story in Louie Finds A Friend by Vivian Zabel. 

Louie enjoys riding waves, but it is lonely without any friends. He plays with his cousins, but they don’t like riding waves. So, when Mr. and Mrs. Goose’s grandson, Gus, comes to live on their lake, Louie hopes Gus will like him even if he is different.

Zabel wrote the Louie the Duck stories for her grandchildren. Now, in published form, this adorable series shares the adventures of young Louie and his life on the lake. In Louie Finds A Friend, Gus comes to live with his grandparents and Louie is asked to be his friend. Louie is unsure if they will get along, especially because he likes to ride waves, unlike his cousins. What unfolds is a sweet story of friendship. 

Jeanne Conway provides the artwork for Louie Finds A Friend and the other books in the Louie the Duck series. Colorful and filled with tons of detail, these illustrations are the perfect complement to Zabel’s story. From rolling waves to sandy shores to yellow and orange skies as the sun sets on the cove, young readers will be enchanted and turn page after page. 

A charming story of making new friends awaits your young reader in Louie Finds A Friend.

Louie Finds A Friend and other books by Vivian Zabel are available at www.4rvpublishing.com and other online retailers. 

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