Friday, March 19, 2021

Review: A Playmate for Imani


A Playmate for Imani
By Rebecca O. Hayes
Illustrated by Diane Brown
Reviewed by Cheryl Malandrinos


A Playmate for Imani by Rebecca O. Hayes is an adorable and fun story about a dog’s search for a playmate.

                Imani watches her owner hop on the bus in the morning, but she is still eager to play. So, Imani wanders around searching for the perfect playmate.

                This delightful story is brought to life by Hayes’ engaging text coupled with colorful artwork by Diane Brown. Silly antics ensue as Imani goes about her day hoping those she meets along the way will play with her.

                If you are looking for a book for dog lovers or a cute story that will make young readers smile, A Playmate for Imani is a great choice.


                This book can be found on as well as from other online stores and physical book stores.


  1. Great illustration on the book cover and the plot sounds intriguing.

  2. Love the book cover and the story plot.

  3. Love the book cover and the story plot.

  4. This is such a cute story. Thaks for visiting, Nancy.