Thursday, June 6, 2019

4RV Editor Honored for Her Poetry

Barbara Ehrentreu presenting her poetry

            Long Island, New York, is the birthday place of Walt Whitman and the home of Local Gems Press, which hosted the Walt Whitman Bicentennial - a celebration of poetry, in the town of Hauppauge. Part of the celebration was the release of Poets to Come, a compilation of poetry from poets around the country.

            Barbara Ehrentreu read her poem “Down the Path of My Memories,” from the anthology, on Sunday of the convention. Ehrentreu stated:

Yesterday afternoon, the last day of the conference, 
I read my poem from the Walt Whitman Bicentennial anthology titled: Poets to Come. Several other poets 
read theirs as well. I am very honored to be with this 
talented group of poets.

            Barbara Ehrentreu, from Stamford, Connecticut, has been an editor for 4RV Publishing since 2010. 4RV doesn't publish poetry, but the company realizes the value of poetry and has many authors, illustrators, and staff members who write  poetry.

             Congratulations, Barbara.