Monday, November 26, 2018

4RV at Luther Pecan Festival

         The announcement let people know 4RV Publishing would be present at the Luther Pecan Festival November 17, 2018. The 4RV crew arrived late the afternoon  the day before to set up the tent and tables and planned to be back at 7:30 the morning of the festival to finish setting up. Jacque Graham and Vivian Zabel arrived to  find the tables piled away from our spot and the tent upside down in the path trucks would take to get to other spots, an auspicious start to what ended as a successful day.

Wayne Harris-Wrick
       Four authors/staff plus one unofficial member of the company helped with the booth: Wayne Harris-Wyrick, Jacque Graham, Dianna Street (and her daughter Morgan), and Vivian Zabel.

Morgan, Dianna Street and Vivian Zabel



      The largest group of people the company has seen at any event flowed through the festival constantly until 4 PM that day.

      Vivian, a former Luther High School teacher, saw many former students, parents of former students, and teachers and staff from her past life at Luther. Many bought copies of her books as well as those by other 4RV authors.

Jacque Graham
Jaccque Graham helping a customer

       If possible, 4RV will attend the Luther Pecan Festival again in 2019.

       With Dianna Street, managing vice president, helping, 4RV will be represented at more events. December 1,  several authors will be participating at Jingle Jam, held at Piedmond, Oklahoma. Some books by authors not able to attend will also be available.


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  1. How wonderful! I'm so glad that all of you were able to go. Glad that Vivian was welcomed back to her high school with greetings and sales of her books and the books of other 4RV Publishing books. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Never Give Up