Monday, May 15, 2017

4RV Publishing has a "shop-lett"

The 4RV Shop-lett with all books so far, including Walking Through Walls

          Thanks to the efforts of 4RV's Marketing Director Jodi Brungardt, we have an area as part of The Market at Quail Springs in Oklahoma City. It's not large, but it definitely showcases some of the books from 4RV.

The 4RV Shop-lett

         The Market at Quail Springs is located at  2501 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, which is just north of Memorial and on the east side of May. The Facebook link is

         The rent for the area is shared by the authors who have books available and on display at the 4RV shop-lett. If more authors, enough that they could and would cover the rent, maybe we could add another aisle-cap and double the number of books.

Another view of the 4RV Shop-lett
The aisle past the shop-lett


  1. We have a great Marketing Director. The idea was hers. She and one of her daughters created the display. I just furnished books and paid part of the bills.