Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Welcome back - Bubba and Giganto

Bullying has no target age. This book takes a different viewpoint into the lives of three boys: a toughie, the bullied boy, and the bully. How they resolve the issues, and why bullying became an issue all comes together when a secret that places one of their lives at risk, comes out.

“Lea is a skilled storyteller weaving `new boy in town' with the `town secret'. The book grips you with the teen struggles that everyone can identify with.”

“She has an uncanny way of getting into the head of the protagonist and letting you know exactly what he's thinking and feeling.”


      One can order Bubba and Giganto from 4RV Publishing Catalog, too.



  1. This is a beautiful story that should be in all classrooms and libraries. Although I read it long ago, it's still relevant in today's world, maybe even more so.

  2. This is a great story. I agree with Beverly, it should be in classrooms and libraries. I read it and reviewed it a while ago also.