Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Tour for Boo's Bad Day

     Boo is going to have a month of good days. He, with his author Penny Lockwood and illustrator Deborah C. Johnson, is going on a blog tour. Everyone is invited to go with him.

     Below is the schedule and links to the blogs where Boo will be found:


Q & A – Questions and Answer
GP  - Guest Post
R - Review
Media – Blurb, Cover Art, Buy Links, author photo, bio

DATE     BLOG LINK                                                                                         Q & A                     GP           R             Media   

4-22                                                          x              x
4-23                                                                                 x
4-24                                                                   x
4-25                                                                                                                           x
4-25        http://virginiajennings.webscom/apps/blog/                                                                  x
4-26        http://virginiajennings.webscom/apps/blog/                 x
4-27        http://virginiajennings.webscom/apps/blog/                                                  x
4-28  x                                                                              
4-29                                                                                       x
4-29        thru 5-6
5-1                                                          x
5-2                                                   x
5-3                                                           x                                              x
5-4                                                                                                               x
5-5                                      x
5-6                                            x
5-7                                                  x
5-8                                       x
5-9                                            x                                              x
5-10                                        x
5-11                                              x
                                                                                                                                x                                              x
5-13                                     x
5-14                                                                              x
5-15                  x
5-16                                        x                                              x
5-17                                     x
5-18          x
5-19                                                          x
5-20                         x                              x
5-21                                                      x
5-22                                                                                              x
5-22                                                                             Sign Language

     The x's didn't show up in columns in the email sent me, so I'm not sure where they go or what they mean. However, we have the schedule, and I hope everyone will stop by each blog stop and say hello.


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  1. Vivian, thanks for posting. The "x's" are to show what's happening at each blog stop. There will be questions and answers, reviews, and media stops. It looks like the tab formatting didn't come through. I will stop by the forum each day to announce the day's events.