Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Blog's Worst Enemy

Yep, that says it in a nutshell. You see, yesterday I accidentally submitted to Blogger that my blog was spam. What I thought I was doing was listing my blog as one that was receiving spam. Oy!

I was then frantic to undo what I had done. But, apparently I'm okay, because my blog is still here, and I am able to post. Of course, then I wonder--has it just not come through yet?--or perhaps it went through but because there were no more reports, my blog is fine.

Wow, what a way to sabotage myself. But, we do that with our writing, too. We think we're being clever, but in actuality we are shooting ourselves in the foot. You know, that extra bit of description that leaves your reader's yawning, too much dialog (yes, that can happen) that leaves your reader wondering what is in the head of your protagonist, and so forth.

When I was in Chautauqua a few summers ago, my mentor wanted me to write a bit more on my story, starting it at a different page/time. So, I did. Then I reread what I had written, and decided I needed to add a couple of things. I should have left it with my original instincts. Everything I had added, he pointed out and said it didn't ring true, or didn't need to be there.

That wasn't the only time that sort of thing happened. When submitting my most recent writings to my critique group, the sections that I read and said to myself, "Oh, that it is a little off, but oh, well, it won't matter"--those are the areas that others pointed out to me that did, after all, need work. If I'd listened to myself and those "writerly" instincts if you will, I would have already straightened those sections out.

So I'm learning to trust my instincts, and not be my own worst enemy. What about you?

Katie Hines is the author of "Guardian," a middle grade urban fantasy, published by 4RV Publishing, LLC.

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  1. Dear Katie,
    Your blog is definitely not spam. If you need witnesses to certify that. I'm willing to stand up for you.
    It's amazing the tricky little things we can do to sabotage ourselves, as you say. One time I permanently deleted pictures from a trip when I thought I hit a different option. I bought recovery software but was only able to retrieve a few of these priceless pictures.
    Good luck with all of your writing. You are good at it.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards