Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Do You Get Your To Do List Done?

"How Do You Get Your To Do List Done?" by Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2012 Joan Y. Edwards

Sometimes my "To Do List" seems overwhelming. How about yours? Is your list longer than a roll of duct tape? Perhaps this idea might help.

Write down only the first five things you want to accomplish today. Make certain they can really be done in a day.

Prioritize your list. Are there any that you would feel really horrible, if you didn't get it done today? What? You say all of them! Oh my goodness!

Now put them in order from shortest amount of time to do it to the longest time to do it.

1. Start working on the one that takes the shortest amount of time.

2. When you finish doing it, start on the second one. When you have finished two jobs, recheck your priority list.

Are there any you think can wait until tomorrow? You say, "No way."

3. Okay. Continue working on your list. Do the third thing on your list.

When you finish it, reward yourself with a 15 minute breather. Cold glass of lemonade. Peanut butter sandwich or crackers.

Time to get back to your list.

4. Now tackle #4. If you hit a snag, and realize you have to go somewhere to get something to finish it, stop and go to number

5. When you finish #5, then go to the store and get what you need to complete #4.

6. Now finish #4.

7. When you have all 5 items completed for your "To Do List" for today, look in the mirror and shout "Hip Hip Hooray for me!

8. Celebrate.

Thanks for reading. Tell me how you get things done on your To Do list.


  1. Ticking off stuff you've done on a list is a great feeling.

    Moody Writing

  2. Dear Mood,
    Thanks for writing. You're right. It is a great feeling to put a check beside, draw a line through, or otherwise note that a list of chores is done!!!!!!!! YEE HAW.
    Do something fun today.
    Joan Y. Edwards

  3. Joan,
    Often, a chore list is dreaded. So thanks for adding a little humor in there. I understand why you chose the items that take the least amount of time to do first, but most of the time I start with the hardest one first so I can go full steam ahead and get it done before my energy is drained. After that, it's clear sailing.

  4. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked the humor. A sense of humor helps get the most cantankerous task done. Yes, you're right. Starting with the hardest one first and getting it over with can speed you through the rest, too. Good luck with all your chores today. Have fun!

  5. Do you ever add a job to the list that you've already accomplished just so you can strike it off? A cheap "feel good", but sometimes it's a needed pick-me-up!

  6. Dear Suzanne,
    Thanks for writing. I chuckled when I read your comment. Yes, indeed. It is fun to add to a list all the jobs that have been completed even though they weren't on the list at the beginning. That helps make the celebration even bigger.

    Have fun today!
    Joan Y. Edwards

  7. Joan, Great list. It's so important, like you mentioned, that the things to do need to really be done that day. A good way to put a damper on your forward movement is to make your list unrealistic.

    Suzanne, I love that idea! I'll have to try it. :)

  8. Dear Karen,
    Thanks for writing. Making sure you only put things that must be done and can be done in one day simplifies and keeps your expectations honest. It gives you power. Suzanne reminded us that sometimes we do things that aren't on our list. Adding them makes us feel great. Do something fun today.
    Joan Y. Edwards